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Isn’t that what we all want? To be seen? To live in a culture where people talk to each other in the streets?
To really be interested in somebody?

To feel seen and heard is important to every human being. When we don’t feel seen it hurts, it makes us cover up our beauty and it makes us hide from the world in all different kinds of ways. Depression, violence, fighting for attention, terrorism, sadness, loneliness, addictions and over achieving for example can be ways to express the pain. We constantly need to prove the world and ourselves that we are worth something. All from a wounded place. But what if you are seen, and what if others do see your beauty? What if we all where enough already?

This is the project; I make an image of individuals I barely know and talk to them about their lives. In a way this part is like a soul story. Then I print the portrait and ask other people I encounter to look at the photograph of this person and ask them to tell me what they see in this human being they have never met before. The beauty lies in the layering by bringing up questions about shadows, mirroring, who do the viewers see, what is my role as a photographer and how do I influence the way I see and therefor portrait a person. So what the viewer sees and feels, is that their, my, or the model’s interpretation or feeling? Let’s investigate.

What if we really take a bit of time to look somebody in the eye and talk to them? I read somewhere that it is not possible to not like someone after hearing their story. But that is another project!

So what do you see in this person? Have a look at their SoulStories if you came a bit close! Some people have a Life story that you can read bij de link provided under their sheet.

or book a workshop

Een project over echt contact, emotie, achter je masker fotograferen, bewustwording en fotografie. Een project dat vragen oproept en je geïnteresseerd in de ander achter laat. Waar we verhalen delen en begrip krijgen voor elkaar. Allemaal op een leuke creatieve manier.

Life story van Roma lees je hier

Life story van Naomi lees je hier

Life story van Stephany lees je hier

Life story van Anna lees je hier

Life story van Nicolaas kun je hier lezen

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A project that relates to I CAN SEE YOU is a beautiful performance we did in ’t Knijpke. About art and connection.

You can find all about it here.

We tend to judge books by their cover. scene from Good Will Hunting

Beautiful project that shows the role of the photographer and our preconceptions about the other.

Ik ben heel benieuwd of de onbevooroordeelde kijker ziet wie de fotograaf heeft neergezet. Ziet hij door het masker heen? Ziet hij een spiegel van zichzelf, of ziet hij wat de fotograaf beoogt? Met andere woorden: zien wij echt een crimineel als de fotograaf (en in dit geval ook het model) een crimineel neerzet?

Wij zijn dubbelgangers. Zonder de spiegel was ik nooit mens geweest. Alleen dwazen spreken van een narcistisch complex. Geen spiegel, geen kunst. Geen echo, geen muziek.Erwin Blumenfeld fotograaf

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